Margriet Buseman

Facilitated 45+ Design Sprints since 2016

About me

My Dutch roots taught me to work hard and never give up. Growing up in Canada taught me to appreciate nature and take time for people. All of which make me who I am.

In more detail
I love organizing, getting things done and paying attention to detail. I enjoy connecting people, building meaningful partnerships & businesses. I have a sweet spot for hiking in mountains. My personal goal is to live and work in two places. Apart from my base in Amsterdam, currently exploring Slovenia and the Azores as a second home.

Design Sprint Master

As a Design Sprint facilitator, I empower teams to think differently. To be customer obsessed and to fall in love with problems. I facilitate Design Sprints, a process designed by Google Ventures to solve problems and test solutions in 5 days. Furthermore, loving to bite into something new, I am experienced in the creation and execution of inter- and intracompany entrepreneurial programs.

Apart from innovation

I have a passion and curiosity for nature, mindfulness and design. My project Deelthuis, a living lab to experience tiny life, re-unites this. Deelthuis exists of tiny houses in nature, where you can come to escape the city. A place to experience how it is to live with less, create your own energy, enjoy a good conversation at the campfire or just to not ‘have’ to do anything for a while. Status: in progress.

What inspires me

Tatra Mountains - Slovakia 2018

Tatra Mountains - Slovakia 2018

Tatra Mountains - Slovakia 2018

Tatra Mountains - Slovakia 2018

Tatra Mountains - Slovakia 2018

I like virtual coffees
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About us

We’re Orange Minds, adventurous out-of-the-box do-ers, engaged facilitators, challenging the status quo with humor, energy and years of innovation practice. We have run 75+ Design Sprints globally and countless innovation mindset workshops to get companies moving and adapt a growth mindset.​

👉 Challenges in need of attention

Far too many times we hear a lot of talking, but don't see people acting. So many challenges, where to start? That's why we love the Design Sprint, it is such a good fire-starter. We are especially passionate about finding impactful solutions. A few challenges lay extra close to our heart.

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