Robert Westerhuis

Facilitated 45+ Design Sprints since 2016

About me

I am a man of dreams. At the age of 15, I wanted to travel the world. I did. I travelled to over 66 countries. I hitchhiked from China to Turkey. I cycled from Amsterdam to Italy. After finishing my Master Degree in Change Management I decided to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. I did. I learned from my first failures in Amsterdam’s startup scene but also my first successes setting up new innovative startups from scratch.

Google Design Sprint

Now I am running 5 day Google Design Sprints(already over 40) , train the trainers and Sprint workshops. Besides that I facilitate ideation sessions and other innovation sessions. I enjoy helping companies with their innovation quests putting the customer at the heart of everything. Putting the customer at a central place enables many businesses to come up with new innovative ideas and improvements to current products and services. I am happy to spark, facilitate, coach and use my creativity in this process.


During one of my travels I was intrigued by China. I spend two years interacting with Chinese travelers, researching different Chinese tourism companies, set up WeChat accounts and using different Chinese Social media apps. China moved from copy cat country to innovation lab and I use my knowledge of China to show companies what China is currently doing.

Tatra Mountains - Slovakia 2018

What inspires me

Tatra Mountains - Slovakia 2018

Tatra Mountains - Slovakia 2018

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About us

We’re Orange Minds, adventurous out-of-the-box do-ers, engaged facilitators, challenging the status quo with humor, energy and years of innovation practice. We have run 85+ Design Sprints globally and countless innovation mindset workshops to get companies moving and adapt a growth mindset.

👉 Challenges in need of attention

Far too many times we hear a lot of talking, but don't see people acting. So many challenges, where to start? That's why we love the Design Sprint, it is such a good fire-starter. We are especially passionate about finding impactful solutions. A few challenges lay extra close to our heart.

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