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The Design Sprint is the basis for delivering efficient and meaningful solutions to your challenges. Our approach centers around people. On the one hand the customer who should always be central, and on the other your team. As it is the team who will drive the change to make impact.

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Customer discovery

Understanding the problem and customer needs go hand in hand. We believe that interviewing customers before a Design Sprint is the best preparation. We always advise you to do your own customer research. Want some help? We love going undercover to discover customer insights, behaviors and trends.


From challenge to tested solution in less than a week. We help you define, design and validate with real customers. With the outcome of a tangible prototype you have a solid start for further testing.

# people: max 7

Duration: 5 or 4 days, plus kick-off and handover.

Design Sprint iteration

During the Design Sprint we hear the first user feedback and user insights. An iteration helps to make the next step in building your new product/services. Together we create the next version of your prototype. Keep learning. 

# people: max 7 

Duration: 3 days. 

Design Sprint Quarter

Want help from beginning to end? We help with a three-month strategy to get you from Design Sprint to execution of your new product or service.

# people: max 7, dedicated Duration: 12 weeks

We run this together with partners. We all want the solution to truly create impact. 

Expedition Sprint

When you really want to get out of the building and when standard isn’t part of your vocabulary. We run Design Sprints from the Scottish Highlands to Austrian Alps to alternate indoor productivity with outdoor reflection. 

# people: max 7 

Duration: 1 week

Design Sprint Program

We believe strongly in the Design Sprint methodology and what it brings to teams, products and companies. Our Design Sprint program is aimed at building a Design Sprint capability in (corporate) organizations. 

Duration: Multiple Design Sprints + Training sessions (3-9 months)

Design Thinking training

How do you get your team or organisation to think about the customer first, work with experimentation and collaborate across silos? Workshops include how to interview, the 5 phases of design thinking, prototyping, etc.

# people: up to 40 Duration: starting from 1/2 day

Way of working workshops

We run WWW’s – way of working workshops. Sometimes just to spark teams and get them inspired. Also we adjust and shorten the 5 day Design Sprint process to fit certain challenges.  2-3 day sessions full of Design Thinking and Design Sprint elements are the result. 

Duration: From 1/2 days. 

☝ NEW: Workshop Brain Based Virtual Collaboration

Back to Back online meetings. We hear a lot about it. ‘Why is working from home so hard?’. It’s an important question, but maybe even more important: ‘how an we help teams to collaborate while working from home?’. Especially as we are moving into the darker months.

We created the 90 minute workshop Brain Based Virtual Collaboration for corporate organizations that want to understand how our brain responds to online collaboration and are in need of tips and tricks.

#digital-well-being #Virtual-collaboration

☎ Get in touch

Want to get to know us? Let’s meet or book an introduction session for your team. In just an hour, we show teams the power of decision making through dot-voting, sketching, visual thinking or How Might We’s. 

☝Challenges in need of attention

We are especially passionate about running Design Sprints for impact driven challenges. Our hearts are with:  #Sustainability #EmployeeExperience #CustomerExperience #SocialImpact

👯 Partnerships with agencies

No Design Sprint skills in house? We partner up with the coolest and frontrunning agencies in the industry to create more impact. Let’s discuss a partnership.

About us

We’re Orange Minds, adventurous out-of-the-box do-ers, engaged facilitators, challenging the status quo with humor, energy and years of innovation practice. We have run 85+ Design Sprints globally and countless innovation mindset workshops to get companies moving and adapt a growth mindset.

👉 Challenges in need of attention

Far too many times we hear a lot of talking, but don't see people acting. So many challenges, where to start? That's why we love the Design Sprint, it is such a good fire-starter. We are especially passionate about finding impactful solutions. A few challenges lay extra close to our heart.

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